HICE company and sustainability

For years we have been very aware of the climate change, but also of the finiteness of fossil fuels. That is why we made a conscious decision to work as sustainably and efficiently as possible on our company.
On the roofs of our company we have 90 solar panels and 5 Solar water heaters. In January 2017 we placed a Braun Antaris windmill of 15 meters high next to our company. Our company is heated by an 80 kW wood chip heater. Next to our stove is a 30 cubic meter chipper bunker. The chips are automatically fed into the stove by means of a mortar. This stove has the capacity to heat the entire company and house. This means that we are not dependent on natural gas.
The windmill in combination with the solar panels and the wood chip heater ensure that we are approximately 85% self-sufficient in our annual energy consumption.


Energy from Sun: 90 Panels 18,000 kWh on an annual basis. Energy from Wood: 80 kW woodchips heater 180,000 kWh on an annual basis. Energy from Wind: 7.5 kW windmill 11,000 kWh on an annual basis.