Design en Engineering

Design en Engineering

Hulst Innovation Cable Equipment has developed  as an innovative, machine and construction building partner where HICE provides services to a wide variety of companies, whereas for the last 10 years (power) cable handling and installation equipment have been part of our scope.

The combination of creativity, an out of the box approach and years of practical experience in the cable related offshore industry has enabled HICE to provide tailored solutions to client requirements. When the job needs to be delivered in time and budget, there is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic team at your disposal.

All our equipment has been based around a modular design and can be transported by truck, enabling easy mobilisation to site. Furthermore the design and fabrication process of equipment for offshore related use is certified by GL-DNV.

If you have any equipment- or modification-requirements for existing and future projects, we would be pleased to meet and discuss possibilities.