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Offshore Turntable

For use on board vessels for transport or installation, HICE has developed an offshore unit called the MOT (Modular Offshore Turntable). This turntable is based on the same principles as the MOST, but differs in many details. For offshore use double drives and controls are applied and when ‘parked’ the MOT is resting on its parking-blocks instead of the bearing wheels. The above is required to deal with higher forces and loads resulting from waves and vessel motions.

The MOT was optimised with end-users and experience gained from practice and can easily be installed on board a transport or installation vessel. The cable can be safely handled or laid through the turntable and ancillary systems without risk of damage. The design is kept simple and easy to maintain to ensure reliability. The construction of the MOT is improved and strengthened to meet the offshore requirements and has been approved and certified by GL-DNV (Germanische Lloyd – Det Norske Veritas).

Technical Specifications Offshore Turntable

Dimensions outer diameter ø 14 mtr
inner diameter ø 4 mtr
bottom height 0,9 mtr
basket height 3,5 mtr
totall height 4,40 mtr
Power Supply 2 pcs at 440 V, 60 Hz, 125 A
Drive System 4x hydraulic sprocket drives
Working Pressure 250 bar
Speed control 0 – 1200 m/hr
Hydraulic drive with continuous variable speed and regulation in both directions
Load capacity 750-1000 tons
General GL approved