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Technical Specification – Smartcart

Overall dimensions (DATT):
Width 4.0 m
Height 1.4 m
Weight 0.85 t (in dual knife mode up to 1.4 t)

Maximum trenching depth depending on configuration (max. 2 m)

Pump configuration 2 x 300 kW, i.e. 2x 700 m3/h at 10 bar
Particulars Deck space required working – 2 x 20’ flat racks

: Buoyancy tanks (removable)
Water jet propulsion
General : The Smartcart Trencher has been designed to meet
the requirements of low maintenance and flexible
solutions to shore end and shallow water cable
installation operations.
Operating platform : The Smartcart Trencher is operated from the selfpropelled
shallow draft trenching support pontoon.
Soil conditions : The Smartcart Trencher is capable of trenching
cables, umbilicals and/or pipelines in jettable soils
with a undrained shear strength of up to 50 kPa.
Maintenance : The injector nozzles have been especially designed
designed for long working periods with a minimum
of maintenance