Onshore Turntable

Onshore Turntable Hulst Innovation Cable Equipment BV (HICE) gained years of experience building cable handling equipment and has developed a perfectly working system for cable storage and transport. The MOST (Modular Onshore Storage Turntable) is a modular system that, due to its dimensions, can be transported by sea or road to any location around the … Continued


Baskets HICE has developed a modular Cable basket Design: High quality Easy transportable by road (disassembled) Suitable for spooling cable with Modulair Cable system Design also suitable for spooling with SPMT Dimensions can be adjusted to cable specs. Also available with steel protected walls and top cover. Optional: liftable with load incl certificate

Offshore Turntable

Offshore Turntable For use on board vessels for transport or installation, HICE has developed an offshore unit called the MOT (Modular Offshore Turntable). This turntable is based on the same principles as the MOST, but differs in many details. For offshore use double drives and controls are applied and when ‘parked’ the MOT is resting … Continued

Modulair Cable system (MCS)

Modulair Cable system (MCS) Compact Basket Carousel Design to suit Oil & Gas and Offshore Wind Umbilical/Cable Lay Markets. Mobilised with two lifts – 1st lift of base grillage and drive frames, 2nd lift of basket. Low Profile Circular Grillage optimises vessel deck space enhancing its suitability for smaller offshore wind installation vessels. TECHNICAL DETAILS … Continued