Mobile Cable Pic Up Crane

Technical Specification Mobile Cable Pic Up Crane Easily controlled from OD-ID vice versa by remote controlled crane quadrant Easily adjustable height by standard classified 20” containers Base frame with container locks, easily transportable by truck Easily mobilisation Build in HPU Can be equipped with 3T LCE Max cable opening 350mm Max. load 3T ( approx. … Continued


5T Bow Cable Engine The Smartquadrant – E bow cable engine has been designed to assist in loading of various cable types from fibre optic to medium sized power cables. The complete system consists out of two quadrants and one central electrically driven hydraulic power unit with a wired remote control. As the system is … Continued

10T Bow Cable Engine

Overal dimensions Length 1700 mm (approx. value) exclusive quadrants Width 1410 mm (approx. value) exclusive quadrants Height 2150 mm (approx. value) exclusive quadrants 90° side quadrants suitable for up to 5m bending radius Weight in air 5.5 t (approx. value) incl. quadrants Working load limit 15t (approx. value) solely related to cable weight Power Supply 380 V, 50 Hz, 32 … Continued